Learn computer or face action, VC tells Patna University staff

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PATNA: It’s indeed an irony that at a time when the chancellor’s secretariat and the state government have been striving hard for ensuring automation of the state universities and digitization of their office records, a vast majority of the officers and staff of the higher education institutions are not even computer literate. All the works of admission, examination and accounts are done manually at most of the places.

Even in Patna University (PU) and its constituent colleges, office automation still remains a distant dream. Since hardly 10% of the class three or clerical staff working in PU office are able to handle the computer, most of the office works are being transacted manually. PU had launched the system of online admission of students from the 2017-18 academic session, but it is yet to be implemented properly owing to acute shortage of tech savvy staff.

Even premier institutions like Patna College and Patna Science College have not yet been able to ensure automation of their offices. These institutions have to cut a sorry figure whenever they are directed to furnish data online to the PU office for their onward transmission to the UGC, central or state government as their staff are ignorant of the use of computers. In most cases, they either submit hand written data or hire some computer-literate staff from outside.

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