Correction Window Open : Exam Form Mistakes

In case you have made any mistakes in the Exam Forms filled for May 2018, you can rectify them using ‘ICAI Correction Window’ option.

This facility is already available on ICAI Exam Website and you need to login to your account to make changes.

Until 14th March, this service is Free of cost.

A Second chance will be given again after 18th March, with a Fee of Rs.1,000

Using this, you can change your Exam Group, Exam Center.

If you change from Both Groups to Single Group, you will not get any refund.

The Handwritten letter that you need to upload does not have any format. You can just write in your own words, stating what change you need.

However, if you have committed small errors like, Quoting wrong CPT Marks, Not Ticking on Exemption etc, you can ignore them probably..

Baibhav Kumar

Cheif Coordinator and Editor at Knowledge Portal

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