National Cancer Institute, AIIMS One Year in Making of India’s Largest Cancer Hospital

The Health Minister has called the National Cancer Institute, the largest public health investment project of Independent India. With 710 beds, 26 Operation Theaters, 15 laboratories for Principal Investigators, a separate Diagnostics Block – the National Cancer Institute is the behemoth of Indian cancer care. At full capacity it will deploy 2700 employees and cater to 10 lac patients per annum. The design of the largest cancer hospital of India brought together India’s best cancer experts for conceptualization and design.

The National Cancer Institute is the state of the art Tertiary Cancer care cum Research Institute, being constructed at the AIIMS Jhajjar campus
in an area of 31.2 acres. It is the nodal Institution for all activities related to cancer in the country and will have linkages with all Regional Cancer Centers and other Institutes of India. As India’s premier institute of cancer, its responsible for identifying priority areas for Research & Development carrying out basic and applied research in molecular biology, genomics, proteomics, cancer epidemiology, radiation biology and cancer vaccines. It is also to act as the premier center for development of human resource in various branches of cancer management depending on the needs of our country.

The Objectives of National Cancer Institute are (a) To provide affordable quality tertiary cancer care to cancer patients; (b) To act as the principal agency of the country in the field of oncology; (c) To carry out innovative research and the development of novel interventions to prevent and treat cancer;(d)  To undertake clinical trials of newer drugs as well as vaccines; (e) To carry out transnational research and incorporate newly developed techniques in cancer therapy into clinical practice and (f) To create international linkages with major cancer centers for exchanging cancer related information and for establishing exchange programmes for training and education.

The National Cancer Institute will have 710 beds  dedicated to treatment of those cancers which are based on research protocols. It will have equipment with latest technology. Research will be conducted in collaboration with other cancer centers. The total personnel deployment for the National Cancer Institute has been projected at 2705. A Project Monitoring Committee under the chairmanship of Health Secretary supervises implementation and a sub-committee chaired by Head National Cancer Institute monitors the day to day progress of the project.