All about Trade Mark and Trade Mark Application in India

Govt has revised rules related to Trademark application in India with effect from 06.03.2017and replaced earlier  Trade Marks Rules, 2002 with Trade Marks Rules, 2017. Revised Rules Contains Following Chapters and Forms related to Trademark-


Chapter- I Preliminary (Contains Definitions related to terms used in Trademark Rules 2017)

Chapter-II Procedure for registration of Trade mark Application

Chapter-III Renewal of Trademark Registration and Restoration

Chapter-IV Special Provisions relating to Trademarks through the International Registration under Madrid Protocol

Chapter-V Assignment and Transmission of Trademark

Chapter-VI Registered User

Chapter-VII Rectification and Correction of Register Alteration or Rectification of Register

Chapter-VIII Miscellaneous

PART-II- Special Provisions for Collective Trademarks

PART-III- Special Provisions for Certification Trademarks

Part-IV- Registration of Trademark Agents

Part-V- Language of Trademark Registry

Part-VI- Repeal

List of Forms under Trade Mark Rules 2017

1. Form TM-A Application for Registration of Trademark

2. Form TM-M Application/Request for Miscellaneous Functions in respect of a Trademark/ Opposition/ Rectification under the Trade Mark Act.

3. Form TM-R Application for Renewal/Restoration of registration of a Trademark or for payment of surcharge towards the renewal

4. Form TM-C Application for Search & Certificate under section 45(1) of the Copyright Act, 1957

5. Form TM-O Opposition/Application for Rectification of the Register/Counter Statement /Refusal or invalidation of a Trademark under Geographical Indication of Goods (Regulation and Protection) Act, 1999

6. Form TM-P Application for Post registration changes in the trademarks

7. Form TM-U Application for registration of Registered User/Variation of Registered User/Cancellation of Registered Users and Notice of intention to intervene in proceeding in Cancellation/variation

8. Form TM-G Trademarks Agent Registration/Renewal/Restoration/Alteration