Simple Steps to File Service Tax Return online from

How to File Service Tax Return online on

Service tax return filing online is very easy with our guide for how to file service tax return online from official website. Earlier filing service tax return online was not mandatory but from October 2011 the online filing was made compulsory for all assesses.

Service Tax Return is assigned for every assessee who has registered for service tax and allows a Service Tax Registration no. on a half yearly basis. If any assessee has provided taxable services in the period or not, he has to file service tax return on every half year.

How to File Service Tax Return Online

First of all, assessee will have to register on aces website, i.e.

Then, download ST 3 Excel Return utility from

Then log in, fill up the form and submit.

Service Tax Return Due Date

April 16-Sept 16: 25 October 2016

Oct 16-Mar 17: 25th April 2017

If anybody wants Service Tax, he has to fill “Form ST-3” or “ST-3A”. Following are details for that.

The value of payable service charge/billedThe value of service tax realisedThe amount of service tax payable

Late Fee for delaying for filing service tax return

1) Delay of 15 days after due date- Rs. 500

2) Delay of 15-30 days after due date- Rs. 1000

3) Delay of More than 30 days from due date- Rs. 1000 + Rs. 100 per day beyond 30 days

Note: The Maximum Late Fee payable is Rs. 20,000

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